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"I had the pleasure of being a guest instructor, and was impressed with Bonny's commitment to excellence on every level- providing excellent materials, support staff, set-up, and overall facilitation. It was a pleasure teaching at the Center!" Cari Hernandez

The Encaustic Center is a welcoming, nurturing, exciting place to either begin your creative journey or further it. Lovett Bayne

We have made visiting The Encaustic Center a tradition for our high school art program at the Grand Prairie Fine Arts Academy. Our students learn skills and techniques not typically available to most high school art programs. Bonny is warm and enthusiastic and works one on one with our students. We are fortunate to have a master artist like Bonny share her space with our up and coming student artists. Lena Guerrero Rodriguez

The Bonny Studio. Seriously, you have to love that place! Walking in you get to relax your rigid rules and just splash around some hot (or not) pigment. I took a course at the Bonny Studio in 2016 and since then have benefit greatly from the wisdom of its instructors and location. Leibowitz herself is a driving force in the DFW community and offers inspiration and a space of wild energy to those seeking to grow creatively.
Maria Sheets

Bonny is a great resource for Richardson and North Dallas by offering outstanding instruction and a studio for artists of all levels. Joe Marchant

The Bonny Studio has been my home and "therapy" once a week for the last few years. It is an amazing environment to learn from Bonny Leibowitz, with her all encompassing knowledge of painting and innumerable art mediums. Cheri Hamilton

I have been painting in The Bonny Studio for about a year now with the goal of changing from watercolor to oil painting. Bonny has been very helpful with my technique and with inspirational suggestions. I have watched her give encouraging instructions for diverse genre of painting styles and for all levels of skill and experience. Fred Smith

The Bonny Studio is a positive, encouraging atmosphere to develop your painting skills. After 8 years of attending classes I continue to grow from Bonny's amazing expertise and patient guidance as well as the camaraderie of painting alongside others. Julie Wileman

The Bonny Studio is a great place to learn about creating art. While working on your own art, of your own choosing, you also get exposed to the many different styles and techniques the fellow students use in their own art. Charles Keenan

I have been taking lessons at The Bonny Studio since February 2014. It is the highlight of my week. I've grown and changed as an artist by leaps and bounds. Bonny really cares about each students personal journey and she has become a friend! Ki Watkins

Bonny is a creative, talented artist who is able to instruct and encourage her students to not only live up to their potential but to also try new ways to enhance their art. Her classes are comfortable and enjoyable. I am so impressed with Bonny's ability to create an exciting learning environment for students who are all working on something unique. Her yearly art show gets bigger and better every year. It is truly a visual treat. Betty Miller

The Bonny Studio is a wonderful place to learn and develop your artistic talents, whatever level you are on! You can follow your own direction with excellent guidance. Come to the student show on October 29 to see the amazing range of work! Jeanne Neal

Great instruction for each individual, encouragement, and inspiration! Bonny creates a warm nurturing atmosphere for everyone. Patty Allen

The Bonny Studio is a great place to learn about all types of art. Bonny Lebowitz is very talented and has taught me so many new techniques. Going to class is a great escape, where you can just focus on creativity. I highly recommend her classes and the ones that she organizes through her studios. It's always a new adventure!
Stephanie Davenport

The Bonny Studio feels like my second home. Bonny helps each student develop his own artistic style. She incorporates art history and an extensive, encyclopedic knowledge of contemporary artists into her individualized instruction. This is a true Richardson gem! Bonnie Tollefson

I have been taking classes at the Bonny Studio for several years. I have met and painted with many talented and friendly artists. I also have been introduced to many styles, types of paper, paints and methods of making art. I'm so happy to have found this art community. Bonny is an excellent teacher! Deborah Thomas Mushock

Bonny Studio is a great place to be as serious as you want about your art.  Students range from newbies to those who are showing their work in art exhibits.  Bonny Leibowitz, the owner, is an accomplished artist who works with you to develop your own style.  She teaches without you knowing it, is smart, funny and has a good play list. Carol Dingman 

If you think you aren’t an artist, think again!  Bonny offers a safe and inviting environment in which she gently encourages each person to discover their own “inner artist!”  Success is just a brush stroke away! Suzanne Maxwell 

The Encaustic Center has been such a great experience, opening my horizons to the world of encaustic. It has been a great introduction to encaustic painting, but the most pleasant surprise was discovering encaustic prints. After 35 years as a printmaker, I am so happy to find a new process. Richard Miller

Bonny Leibowitz is a known and accomplished artist. She is also an excellent teacher, generous in helping beginning and proficient students in realistic or abstract styles. Mary Alice Binion

I have embraced all media, oil, acrylic, watercolor and when I experienced the Encaustic process I found pure joy of expression. Bonny and Deanna have provided a great environment for transition. Carol Lewis Walling

Just two years ago I had never painted a picture and would have told you that I was not capable of painting anything worth keeping.  Today my home is filled with a collection of art and is like a gallery of my own paintings.  What happened? 

My 90 year old mother was an artist and she and I went to take a class with Bonny together.  After my first class at Bonny's I was hooked completely!  Bonny made me feel safe in expressing my own style, and yet offered suggestions as needed.  For example I had no idea what kind of paint, brush or canvas when I started. 
In class I get inspired by all the talented students, and we all share the joy and struggles of being artists.  Bonny sets up the room perfectly for each student before they arrive and then encourages us and supports each challenge that we encounter during class.  Her talent with art is amazing, but she is an equally good teacher, and very funny too.  Bonny is a women of many talents and to be able to join her and all the folks in her precious studio has been a gift of a life time for me.  I would rather paint than almost anything in my life, and I thank Bonny for sweetly leading me to my well hidden talents as an artist.  Thanks Bonny,
Alice Redding
I highly recommend The Bonny Studio. Whether you are a seasoned artist or you are just a beginner who wants to learn the "techniques", this is just the place. Pam Meepe

I have long had this idea that I would enjoy painting, but had never tried it. When circumstances were such in my life that I had the opportunity, I searched around for a local artist who gave lessons. I am so very grateful to have found Bonny; she has shown me what is possible, and enhanced my life in many ways. Bonny is not only a talented and successful artist, but truly has a gift for teaching others. Her guidance, direction and instruction are outstanding. Her ability to share her deep knowledge and vision, and do so in a variety of ways, simply remarkable. The workshops and special events expose students to new mediums and are always innovative and so inspiring. The Life Drawing classes are a great too, and with Bonny's demonstrations and direction, offer yet another way to grow. I just can't say enough about the Bonny Studio and the blessing is has been to my life.
Debbie Rank

I have taken painting lessons in different studios in the Dallas area. The Bonny Studio is my favorite. Bonny is an excellent teacher and has a way of imparting her wealth of knowledge while empowering her students to access that talent that is hidden in all of us. While taking lessons at the studio, I have learned so much about the basics of painting, composition, the use of color, and different techniques. Probably the most important thing I have learned is what type of painting inspires me and what is calling to be painted in my life right now. I attended her retreat in May, 2008 and found the experience full and revealing. In the 2 days at the retreat, I found a new freedom in relation to my work that wasn't present before. I would recommend the retreat to everyone who is interested in breaking through to the next level in their painting.
Annette Anderson

Before I started classes with Bonny I was never pleased with my painting, it was just not right. Bonny has a way of taking your talent and building on what you have. She doesn’t impose her style on your work. Bonny works by suggesting and recommending, she encourages you to create your own style. Correct technique as with anything is critical. Bonny teaches you how to build a painting the correct way, starting with background and working forward, realizing that nothing is just one color or tone to give your art a three dimensional feel of life and texture. Bonny doesn’t push you into something but guides you along the way to your potential.
Ron L. Price

Bonny Leibowitz is my art instructor and has been for a year now. She has transformed my life and renewed my self-esteem as an artist. I highly recommend her for an art teacher of all ages. I have seen remarkable growth in my artistic skills as well as my fellow students. Not only have my skills developed, so has my confidence of realizing the artist within. I admire Bonny's artistic skills and have watched her art develop into different levels. She goes outside the box in self-development.She is an incredible artist. If you are looking to opening the door to creativity in your life, Bonny is just the teacher to bring that capability out of the depths of your soul.

Learning and painting at the Bonny Studio is so exciting. It reminds me of being in Kindergarten: Anything is possible. Everything has the potential to seem fresh, fun and on the way to somewhere fabulous. Bonny can always find an encouraging word (or ten). I'd worked in other media before -- but was a total beginner with oil paint. She has such a depth of experience that she easily "translates" techniques from other media, and can help one morph from one style to another. She also has the courage to be quiet and let you figure out things on your own if that's how you work. My painting style is still unpredictable(!), but every canvas is more artistic and painterly than the last.
Dana S. Whitney

For those interested in exploring their creative spirituality, to bond with like-minded individuals, to understand the attraction of the muse, and just plain paint, and learn to paint well, then this is the place...I would wholehearted recommend Bonny's classes as a way to grow both as an artist and as a human being.
Deborah Hobbs
Since painting at the Bonny Art Studio I have a renewed passion for art. I've had an opportunity to learn various techniques and develop a style of my own. I've also had the privilege of meeting a lot of great people at the studio that make classes fun, sharing experiences and ideas.
Allan Wood
For more years than I can remember, I had always harbored a secret desire to learn how to paint. However, for various reasons (time, money, shyness), I never quite got around to it. The opportunity finally presented itself when I recently relocated from New York City to Texas. I was looking for something to do during my free time and came upon the Bonny Studio website. I then called Bonny, who successfully eliminated my insecurities about being a beginner…and as they say, “the rest is history!” The Bonny Studio has students ranging from the complete novice to the gifted, and yet everyone is extremely supportive of one another. The students are genuinely excited to see one another’s work – and even more importantly, their progress! Most impressive, however, is Bonny’s ability to bring out the best in her students – regardless of their skill level or preferred painting style. Her masterful and nurturing instruction enables students of all levels to create works that they never would have dreamed possible (myself included!!!) In fact, after completing my very first painting, all my family and friends began requesting that I paint something for each of them – who knew! Taking this class has literally changed my life, as well as my relationship with art and the discovery of my own creativity. Thank you, Bonny!!! 
Jessica Ortiz
I am amazed and delighted by the talent I see in class and through the email photos sent of work from other classes. Bonny has a unique way of encouraging "budding" artists to express their true talents on their canvases.
Lynn Halliday

I have just been with Bonny for 3 weeks and have finished a great painting. Without her help and knowledge my Turner-esk picture would not be what it is. I am impressed with the classes, even in such a short span of time. Bonny is very helpful and thoughful. There are usually at least four of us in class and no one is neglected. We all have fun! I can't wait for each Wed to come!! Big kudos for Bonny!
Laura Kay
Prior to five months ago I had not picked up a paintbrush. My interest in painting ignited over the last couple years while visiting various local galleries. When I started at the Bonny Studio my knowledge was minimum and Bonny first helped me learn the basics – “you have to walk before you can run.” Her classes are casual with a very laid back atmosphere and everyone works at their individual skill level. The studio environment is more like friends meeting to create together rather than a painting class. Bonny allows you to create you own vision while also giving you guidance to help you and your artwork reach its potential.
Ralph Soto
Bonny's classes are a real joy and high point of my weeks!  She has such nice students and the atmosphere is open and we kid around some...  Bonny can help you with just about anything in your paintings.  So, when you feel you're stumped, she can get you beyond that feeling!  Painting with Bonny and the other students is fun, relaxing and mind expanding!  Bonny has given me alot more confidence in painting and trying new things!
Heidi Sulak

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