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The Bonny Studio  

Bonny Leibowitz  
580 W. Arapaho Rd. #262  Richardson, TX. 75080
Painting Classes with Bonny
Enjoy individualized attention as I help you find and develop what it is you are interested in painting, guiding you through techniques to best achieve your ongoing goals. Find your unique abilities, vision and means to expression! Some of the concepts we will cover are blending, texture, foreground/background interplay, types of strokes, working large brush to small, shading, contrast, composition, creating your own personal library , borrowing elements from the greats, and just plain old freedom to enjoy creating ..... with friends! Beginners to Advanced...Adults only

Classes are on-going so start anytime!

Four classes $140.00

Eight classes $245.00 (includes one free class),

Twelve classes $350.00 (includes two free classes)

Every time you go up a 4 class package increment you get an additional class free!

Prices include the use of the odorless turpentine, linseed oil, paper towels and a few squishes of studio paint as needed.
Never pay for a class you do not take (see cancellation policy below)

Mondays 12:00 noon - 2:30 pm
Mondays  7- 9:30 pm        
Wednesdays 10:00 am -12:30 pm 
Wednesdays     7- 9:30 pm 
Sundays 12:00 noon - 2:30 pm

Painting Supplies:

The Asel art supply stores listed below are familiar with the supply list and offer 20% discount on supplies not already on sale by mentioning you are in class at The Bonny Studio!

Asel in Richardson at the SE corner of Beltline and Coit near Jason's Deli:
101 S. Coit  - 972-690-6320
Asel in Plano at the SW corner of Custer and Parker near Kroger:
2929 Custer #340 972-596-0123

Traditional Oils or Water soluble are acceptable and work well together too!

Water Soluble Oils:

Grumbacher's Max:
alizarin crimson, titanium white, gold ochre hue, cadmium barium yellow orange, diozonine purple, ultramarine blue or cobalt, cad barium red deep or cad barium medium red, cerulean blue, payne's gray, burnt sienna, sap green, raw umber & ivory black.
And: Holbein Duo:
Cadmium Yellow Light Hue
Windsor Newton's Artisan: thalo green, magenta, naples yellow hue, olive green, cadmium yellow pale hue. If any of these are unavailable, get very similar colors in Windsor Newton's Artisan, Grumbacher Max, Holbein Duo or any regular oil paint.


Traditional Oils:
Any oil paint brand you like of: alizarin crimson, titanium white, gold ochre, cadmium barium yellow orange, diozonine purple, ultramarine blue or cobalt, red, cerulean blue, payne's gray, burnt umber and raw umber, ivory black, magenta, naples yellow hue, thalo green, olive green, viridian green, sap green, cadmium yellow pale hue, pthalo green / blue. Add to the list as you like.
Odorless paint thinner. (I have some at the studio)
Linseed oil (I have some at the studio)  and/or liquin

Richeson #9617 round size 4, #9626 filbert size 8 and
#9627 bright size 10. (Great for dry brushing, scrubbing in and laying on heavy layers)
Richeson brushes #9165 filberts size 6, 8, 10, 12,16 and 20.
(Great for blends, a must!)
Silver white #1514S Edgewater Wash 2".
(Great for washes)

Winsor & Newton University #232 size 7/8.  (If Asel does not have these in; You may need to order this one from Excellent for soft blends.

Canvas: You may like to choose gallery wrap so the staples don't show. 11x14, 16x20 or 18x24 to start.

If you are interested in using acrylic or pastels you are more than welcome to join in….just bring your supplies!

Not ready to buy your own supplies? It's an additional $20.00 per class including 16x20 canvas, oil paint, linseed oil, odorless turpentine and the use of studio brushes.

Please call or e-mail for class registration:  214-405-5993

The Bonny Studio 580 W. Arapaho #262 Richardson, Texas 75080

Additional favorite oil paint colors not on the "must have" list:

Holbein, Duo; Leaf Green
Holbein, Duo; Lavender
Holbein; Compose Green
Holbein; Blue Grey
Holbein, Duo; Brown Pink
Holbein, Duo; Viloet Grey
Holbein: Turquoise Blue
Holbein; Coral Red
Holbein, Duo; Pink
Amsterdam: Yellowish Green
Rembrandt: Nickel Titan. Yellow Lt
Rembrandt: Deep Gold
Rembrandt: Copper
Rembrandt: Cinnebar Green Light
Rembrandt: Yellows are nice and soft
Any: Viridian 
Any: Prussian Blue
Williamsburg: Turquoise
Grumbacher Max: Flesh Hue (I didn't name it; I'm just the messenger)
Grumbacher Max: Thalo Yellow Green
Richeson: Ice Blue
Classico; King's Blue
Winsor Newton, Winton: Cadmium Orange Hue
Winsor Newton, Winton: Cadmium Red Medium
Class Cancellation Policies:
Cancellations must be made BEFORE 12 hours of the scheduled class time or a class credit will be used. There is no charge for a cancellation due to illness 3 hours prior to class but please let me know asap so I can set the room up properly and allow others to join in. There is no charge for a cancellation due to an emergency. I can be reached by email: or by phone call voicemail or text: 214-405-5993. 
If you would like to jump in on a class you have not yet scheduled in for; no problem; just email, text or call and I will get you in if there is room, even last minute! 

You are welcome to keep your painting(s) stored here at The Bonny Studio while they are in progress and you are an active student. Any canvasses left after 60 days of inactivity will be discarded or recycled unless other arrangements are made. The Bonny Studio takes the utmost care with your art and cares about your work and safety. And although there have not been any accidents; you agree to hold the Bonny Studio free from any liability in the event of accident or injury to yourself, your canvas or personal belongings during any classes. 


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